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There's no need to guess how high to make your countertops, how big your upper cabinets should be, or how to plumb a bathroom in your van. We will show you all the specs and renderings to layout your van build. 
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You’ll get instant access to the Interior Build Dimensions for 2 different van conversions. This includes details like:

- The Best Bathroom & Kitchen Van Floor Plans
- A Materials List (Only Get Exactly What You Need)
- Cabinet and Layout Dimensions
- Electrical and Plumbing Diagrams

The Van Layout Guide is the best van floor plan resource available for building your own van.
See Exactly How To Build These 3 Different DIY Vans
The Beach House
Perfect for singles and couples!

This van layout is our personal favorite. In fact, we lived in this van as a couple for almost 2 years.

The best feature of “The Beach House” van layout is its expansive window layout. The wraparound side & rear window design allows you to back your van up to any landscape and instantly live in natural luxury.

This van layout includes a functional design with light wood features, lots of natural light, a full kitchen, full bathroom with a toilet and shower, and convertible bed/dining area.
The Outdoorsman
Perfect for the adventure lover! 

Underneath the main living space, this van features additional dedicated space for bikes, boards, camping gear and more. 

“The Outdoorsman” van layout boasts darker, more natural looking wood features, a full kitchen, bathroom, shower, and convertible bed and dining area. 

If you’re bringing active gear with you on the road, this van layout is perfect for you. 

Its dual floor design gives you plenty of extra storage for all of your adventures ahead.
The Family Van
Perfect to Sleep a Family of 4!

This layout was inspired by our clients who needed a sleeping and seating solution for them and their two kids. 

They loved the convertible bed/table area that we incorporate into our builds as well as the full bathroom with a toilet and shower. Since we had to install a bench seat for the kids to ride in while driving, we knew that this van build was all about maximum storage and functionality!

So we ended up coming up with a convertible bunk bed solution by utilizing a HappiJac bed lift. This gave them the best of both worlds - they have a place to sit and eat together as a family AND two beds - the lower bed is an almost king size bed and the top bed is double size.
About The Creators
Sara and Alex James are the creators of 40 Hours of Freedom, an internationally recognized travel, lifestyle and adventure brand. 

They currently own a Custom Van Build & Conversion shop in San Diego, California and have partnered with contracting expert, Tom Germain (who has over 40+ years of experience in custom home designs), to create this Van Layout Guide. 

Sara and Alex are expecting parents, nature lovers and big advocates for sustainable, minimalistic living! 
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